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Office Pro 2013 X32x64 En Me Dvd !!TOP!!

For Office 2019 and Microsoft 365 Apps (previously known as Office 365), the default for new installations has now been set to 64-bit. Although the considerations for using 32-bit vs 64-bit are the same for Office 2010, 2013 and 2016, the default for new installations of these versions will remain 32-bit for now.

office pro 2013 x32x64 en me dvd

Download Zip:

Popular Outlook add-ins which are not compatible with the 64-bit version of Outlook are the Calendar Printing Assistant and Personal Folders Backup. This last add-in is actually a very old add-in that is also not compatible with the 32-bit version of Outlook 2013 and later and is also not longer being offered by Microsoft (but there is an alternative).

Open one of the programs in Office, such as Word. If the ribbon looks similar to the following image (ribbon tabs with sharp corners), you are using either Office 2013 or 2016. If your ribbon looks different, skip to the next section.

Randy bought Office 2013 Pro Plus on May 7, 2016: Thanks Daniel. I can say without hyperbole that texting with you is 1,000,000 times before than calling Microsoft three times! It's a good price and the human touch is most welcome. Thanks for the help on a Saturday!

Kathy activated Office 2013 on Aug 16, 2015: Worked like a charm! Everything downloaded and started up fine. When I went to activate it, the link says "Change Product Key" (just in case you have someone picky about the wording.) Thanks!

Bobby activated Windows 10 Pro, Office Pro Plus 2013, Visual Studio 2015 Pro on Aug 12, 2015: Yo DAN! All installed. Product keys successfully applied. Ready for my new dev project! Thanks, Bobs

Duane activated Visio Pro 2013 on July 13, 2015: Hi Daniel, I loaded MS Visio Pro 2013 and ran it but it locked up before I could enter key. Uninstalled and reinstalled it and it ran perfectly. I am very happy. Too bad that you are not an authorized dealer for AutoCAD and Solidworks, as well. Take care.

Bob activated Visual Studio 2013 Pro on July 9, 2015: Hi Daniel, If it says "License: Product key applied" after plugging in the key, I presume it's permanent, yes? If so - I'm in business - thank you again!

Duane activated Project Pro 2013 on June 28, 2015: MS Project Professional 2013 downloaded, activated, and ran just like it is supposed to. Very happy. Thanks. I may be looking for a deal on the Visio 2013.

Adisha activated Office Pro Plus 2013 on June 20, 2015: Hi Daniel, It worked well and thank you so much!! I want to let you know I may need your best pricing for my relatives also which I will pass on your information. Please ensure that you do your best. Regards, Adisha

Mark activated Visual Studio Pro 2013 on June 9, 2015: - I just want you to know my activation code worked! I am the guy that burned an image on to DVD to load off network. thanks for the quality - Excellent! Remind me which software was it - MS Visual Studio PRO 2013! about two weeks ago - Ah, right! Congratulations!

Dinesh activated Visio Pro 2013 on May 24, 2015: Daniel! Successful installation and activation complete! Not sure how you do this... but this is genius! Thanks for doing this! Regards, Dinesh

Anmol came back and bought Office 2013 on Apr 28, 2015. He was the one who asked me to get a version that activates on Windows Terminal Servers: It work great. Thanks Dan. Take Care. Anmol.

James bought 3x Office Pro 2013 on Apr 24, 2015: Dan, All 3 license keys for Office 2013 Professional activated successfully. Thanks for the great price and customer service. --James

Anand activated all keys for his business on Apr 10, 2015: Hi Daniel, Apologies for the delay, but I want to confirm that the following keys worked and activated without any issues: 5 x Adobe Design and Web Suite 1 x Adobe Master Collection 3 x Office 2013 Pro plus Thank you so much for all your help, we will be back when we need more software from you :) Best regards, Anand

Dan activated Visio Pro 2013 on Mar 24, 2015: A+ for you and your site! Thank you Daniel for offering affordable software. You are easy to talk to and very fast at replying. I know if there were any issues that you were ready to help fix them just by the way you chatted with me online. Key is fine and Visio Pro 2013 software is great. Thanks again!!

Brandon bought Visual Studio Pro 2013 on Mar 23, 2015: cool deal; it's great what you do here got it put the key in and it worked! have a great day! I'll send my friends your way. We all have a .net class coming up I'll be back to get some other stuff too. Thank you so much

Rachel activated Office Pro Plus 2013 on Mar 16, 2015: Hi Daniel, Just to say I have now activated it and it all installed just fine. Thank you very much! Best wishes, Rachel.

Sanjay activated Project Pro 2013 on Mar 16, 2015: Many thanks, Daniel, the new key worked and my copy is activated. I recommended your site to a colleague. She might purchase a copy as well.

Hiren activated Visual Studio Pro 2013 on Mar 15, 2015: Dan: Thanks so much for you kindness and patience. You were correct! You are the best. I'm so glad I found your site; I plan to order more when the time comes. Wishing you all the best with your business!

Gavin activated Project Pro 2013 on Mar 10, 2015: Hi Daniel, The Project 2013 Activated correctly with no issues just needed a restart of the application. Thanks a lot. Kind regards, Gavin

Aksel from AUS activated Office 2013 Pro Plus on Feb 28, 2015: YES. It worked! Thanks so much for all your help, I'm so glad you turned out to be not only a genuine seller but really helpful and patient as well. I'm so pleased with this service. Thanks Aksel

Etienne activated Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 on Feb 23, 2015: Goodmorning Daniel, Everything is working like a charm! Thanks for help I am very happy with extra functionalities!! I have allready recommended you with 2 other developers, keep up the great work! With best regards, Etienne

Czeslaw from Poland activated Office 2013 Pro on Feb 8, 2015: Good Morning Dan, Activation was successful. Thank you, Czeslaw Dan : Excellent!

Susan activated Master Collection for Mac on Feb 4, 2015: All went smoothly with the download and installation - thank you SO MUCH! You have been a God send! I would like to buy office mac too now! :)

Jordan installed Windows 7 Pro and Office 2013 Pro on his laptop on Jan 31, 2015: Hello Daniel, I wanted to let you know that it's been an amazing experience. I can hardly believe it myself when I say that less than 48 hours after my purchase, I am now the proud owner of a brand new laptop with Windows 7 Pro installed and customized just the way I like it. I have also just activated the Office Pro 2013 without a hitch! Thanks again for the amazing deal and exceptional customer service! Sincerely, Jordan Dan : This is why I do it guys! It makes me happy :)

David came back for Office 2013 Pro on Jan 27, 2015: Hello Dan, This Office Pro activated successfully using the 64 bit link you provided. Thanks once again for the excellent service. Regards, Dave F.

Jack activated Office 2013 Pro on Jan 24, 2015: Worked like a charm, You are awesome, will let others know about you and have already favorited your gift shop for future purchases. Thank you very much, you are both friendly and extremely reasonable with prices and customer service, Best of luck to you and your business!

David activated Visual Studio 2013 Pro on Jan 18, 2015: Hello Dan, I got a "Product Key Applied" message in my Account Settings and have used the editor a bit - looks like all is good here. Thanks for the promptness and for the service you are providing. This is my first purchase at DanArou but your website is now my first choice when looking for software. Thanks, Dave F.

Jeff activated Microsoft Project Pro and Visio Pro 2013 on Nov 26, 2014: (03:46:53) Jeff: the ms project has been installed and activated. (04:05:30) Jeff: Daniel I hv installed the visio software and it works great. thanks buddy.


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