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How to Download Naif Televisi Album Rar for Free and Enjoy Their Music

Naif Televisi Album Rar: A Review of the 2007 Album by the Indonesian Band

Naif is an Indonesian band that was formed in 1995 in Jakarta. The band consists of David Bayu Danangjaya (vocals), Fajar Endra Taruna (guitar), Mohammad Amil Hussein (bass), and Franki Indrasmoro Sumbodo (drums). Naif is known for their simple yet catchy songs that often reflect their views on life, love, and society.

naif televisi album rar


In 2007, Naif released their sixth studio album, Televisi, which means television in Indonesian. The album contains 13 tracks that showcase the band's musical diversity and creativity. The album also features some guest musicians, such as Tony Q Rastafara, Iwan Fals, and Oppie Andaresta.

The Songs

The album opens with the title track, Televisi, which is a sarcastic commentary on the influence of television on people's minds and behaviors. The song has a catchy chorus and a funky groove that will make you want to dance.

The second track, Dimana Aku Disini, which means where am I here, is a ballad that expresses the feeling of being lost and confused in life. The song has a melancholic melody and a soothing acoustic guitar accompaniment.

The third track, Itulah Cinta, which means that is love, is a duet with Oppie Andaresta, a female singer-songwriter. The song is a sweet and romantic declaration of love that will melt your heart.

The fourth track, Ajojing, which is a slang word for having fun, is a collaboration with Tony Q Rastafara, a legendary reggae musician. The song is a celebration of life and music that has a reggae beat and a cheerful vibe.

The fifth track, Tersenyumlah, which means smile, is a pop-rock song that encourages people to be optimistic and happy despite the problems they face. The song has a catchy hook and a positive message.

The sixth track, Nyali, which means courage, is a rock song that inspires people to be brave and confident in pursuing their dreams. The song has a powerful guitar riff and a soaring chorus.

The seventh track, Kuda Besi, which means iron horse, is a tribute to Iwan Fals, an iconic Indonesian singer-songwriter. The song is a cover of one of his songs that tells the story of a motorcycle rider who loves his bike more than anything else. The song has a folk-rock feel and a nostalgic mood.

The eighth track, Kontak Jodoh, which means matchmaking contact, is a humorous song that mocks the online dating phenomenon. The song has a playful melody and witty lyrics that will make you laugh.

The ninth track, Bye Bye Baby, is an English song that describes the feeling of breaking up with someone you love. The song has a pop-rock sound and an emotional vocal performance.

The tenth track, Katakan Iya, which means say yes, is another duet with Oppie Andaresta. The song is a proposal song that asks the beloved one to accept the marriage offer. The song has a folk-pop sound and a lovely harmony.

The eleventh track, Superstar, is another English song that criticizes the superficiality and hypocrisy of the showbiz industry. The song has a rock sound and an ironic tone.

The twelfth track, Lagu Wanita, which means woman's song, is a feminist song that praises the strength and beauty of women. The song has a pop sound and an empowering chorus.

The thirteenth and final track, Haru Biru (CD), which means blue spring (CD), is an instrumental song that closes the album with a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. The song has an acoustic guitar sound and a gentle melody.


Naif Televisi Album Rar is a great album that showcases the talent and versatility of the Indonesian band. The album has a variety of songs that range from sarcastic to romantic, from reggae to rock, from Indonesian to English. The album also features some guest appearances from legendary musicians, such as Tony Q Rastafara, Iwan Fals, and Oppie Andaresta. The album is a must-have for Naif fans and anyone who loves good music.

If you want to download Naif Televisi Album Rar for free, you can find it on various torrent sites or online platforms. However, we recommend that you support the band by buying the original CD or streaming the songs legally. You can also follow the band on their social media accounts and check out their latest news and updates.

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